It’s always been Karma.

It’s in our DNA. It’s a name that respects our past, while simultaneously reinventing our future. An awareness of what we are doing, and how and why we are doing it.

It’s old. It’s new.

We will deliver a unique combination of advanced-technology with timeless design. Built for discerning individuals that want to EXPERIENCE a car.

Acting with intention.

Cause and effect. It’s what Karma means. We don’t have to do things as anyone has done them before. What’s important is that we act with intention.

Our new logo makes a statement. Clean, elegant, modern in its simplicity. An imperfect ring, representing constant effort towards unattainable perfection, encircling the earth. With a spark of sun, the eternal symbol of endlessly renewable energy. Inner cut lines represent our three brand priorities.





Automobiles have become commodities. Design has taken a back seat, and cars look the same.

We are wired differently.

Karma’s vision is to inspire. To offer timeless design with technology that creates an ecologically sensitive product; so distinct that it forms an emotional connection between buyer and brand.

No one NEEDS a product like this to get from Point A to Point B. We exist for those who HAVE TO HAVE ONE. There are plenty of exceptional cars out there for the rest of you.



We make vehicles one at a time. Unapologetically conspicuous in their beauty. Uncommonly light in their footprint. In one of the most stunningly gorgeous places on earth: California.


It is not hard to describe a responsible company. It is hard to be one. No wasted words here: experience Karma, and you be the judge.


We will say it over and over again. We are not for everybody, and we never will be. We make vehicles for people who care what we care about, and the rest will take care of itself.

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Karma Automotive will be presenting the first model of a new generation of Made-in-California automobiles in 2016.

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